ICK "Hollywood I Am"


D.O.B. 12-4-2006 
Registration:  U.K.C.
Color:  Blue
Iron Cross ICk Disciple (x) Athena
This boy has created 100+ pounder on top of 100+ pounder!!!
He has out produced himself on EVERY litter he has ever had!
What has your pit done lately?

Hollywood is our foundation male.   
He was our first pick male out of I.C.K.'s Disciple and Athena!

Beyond the fact that his temperament is as desireable as you can possibly get, and the fact that his father is the largest correct pitbull on planet earth, Hollywood is as well rounded as they come!
Paws down, he has it all...
Temperment, size, structure, & pedigree...
We have whole heartedly staked the reputation of our kennel on this boy...
As a result we have been blessed with out production on top of out production...
Just check out his son Great Lakes Bullyz "Rage Against the Machine" to grasp his production power!
Hollywood I Am has earned the status of "living Legend"
If your looking for some FOR SURE fire to add to your program...You should jump on board with his legacy trust Great Lakes Bullyz "Rage Against the Machine"
We are always committed to creating a
"better" pit than what we start with. THAT is the point to breeding...to never stop trying to improve the breed! Our path is set! Hollywood played a major role in laying the Foundation of the Great Lakes Bullyz breeding program...
Now it is time for his offspring to keep the evolution of our beloved pits going in the right direction for 2013 and beyond!
IF you like Hollywood...
Your going to love his son! Pictured next!!!
GLBz "The Machine"

Photo Album / Pedigree


120 pounds @ 20 MONTHS!

PICTURED BELOW @ 3 years.....127 Pounds!

      GLBz "Rage Against the Machine"    

D.O.B.  July 3rd 2008
Registration: U.K.C.
Blue Fawn
Iron Cross
Hollywood I Am (x) Million Dollar Baby
Stud Fee: $5000 Firm
or trade of equal value!
Let it be known...Great Lakes Bullyz will not stud this boy out unless your coming correct with exact loot or equal trade...
Do not call trying to low ball because it isnt going to happen!
He is one of a kind...
He has out produced himself on multiple breedings and will do the same for you.
Regardless of if you are already breeding, or if you are just starting your kennel and need some real deal foundation blood, this is the stud for you.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to
"Rage Against The Machine"!
He was produced right here @ Great Lakes Bullyz!
He is out of our "Hollywood I Am" &
"Million Dollar Baby" breeding.
He is 3x I.C.K.'s Iron Tyson.  For some, that means little...
To those of us who are familiar with the living legend "Iron Tyson", of Iron Cross Kennel fame, the pedigree that this pup brings to the table is as close to priceless as they come. 
Why you ask?... 
Because, Iron Tyson is the foundation male of Iron Cross Kennels. 
He is the force behind the Iron Cross Bloodline...
Iron Tyson is known for producing the freakiest females on Earth!
What you know about ICKs "Iron Maiden"??
 Iron Madien is, in our opinion, the sickest female to ever grace the block!!!
With DNA like this in our reputare' it isnt hard to imagine an entire litter of "Iron Maidens!
Great Lakes Bullyz "Rage Against the Machine" is a phenom who has been sent here from XL Pit Bull heaven to produce nothing but the best XL pits on the planet!
If you want to have some of this fire in your yard you can either buy one of his pups or break bread on a stud service...
Either way, this boy is the truth and you are going to be hard pressed to find a flame as brite as his in our lifetime!

Photo Album / Pedigree







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